Treatment. Payment terms

Payment for treatment is made by preliminary transfer of the amount listed in invoice and agreed by both sides to our account in  Switzerland or Germany.

According to the special request of the patient, we cad add to the quotation additional services (expenses for accompanying person, necessary means for purchasing of medicine and medical devices and to be given out to the patient on arrival or spend upon his order).

All air ticket charges are for the cost of the patient . If necessary all this charges can be added to the quotation. In this case, booking and payment for the air ticket will be accomplished by us. This point is especially important when the payment for treatment is made by sponsor or the enterprise the patient is working for.

In the case of a change of the medical programme, in the period of the stay in  Switzerland or Germany, an additional payment or the return of all funds unused will be accomplished.

In the case, where the treatment has to be continued, the additional payment can be made by remittance or by plastic cards.

The return of funds is accomplished by remittance or by cash upon an order of the payer.