patient information


patient information

Additional information for patients

Patients arrived for treatment on invitation of our firm have a number of advantages. They are sent to the leading clinics and are under control of professors and leading specialists.

We guarantee our patients individual approach to the organization of their treatment, ability to select the best clinics and specialists , high level of service during stay, i.e. the best what is reached by medicine today.

Our patients can receive medical treatment on any kind of disease or just come for examination “check-up“ in order to get rid of doubts and suspicions pertaining to state of their health.

Except for  Switzerland we have the possibility to organize treatment and rehabilitation in clinics and sanatoriums and cure institutions of Austria and Germany, and also at the Dead sea, Israel for the patients with dermatological and rheumatic diseases. We guarantee our patients a high level of services in the organization of their stay. Our representative will meet you in the airport after getting through the passport control and receiving the luggage. You can recognize him by a firm tablet indicating your name, written with big print. If the patient needs special transportation, he will be received together with airport medical service on the board of the plane with simplified custom formalities.

Our patients are constantly accompanied by qualified experienced interpreters , knowing the particularities of clinic's functioning. From the first moment of your arrival they will take care of your comfort and all your needs, you will have personal car assigned for you.

We need to mention that even the most qualified specialist is not able to advise specific treatment recommendations without personal examination and studying its results. Thus , the ex-tract from your case-history sent by you and having the particulars of medical treatment held be-fore will allow to carry out more qualitatively preliminary consultations, select the right clinic and set more precisely necessary methods of diagnostic and Treatment.

But, in some special cases , when the patient does not want to address the doctor in order to get the extract from the case-history for the reason to keep the secret of the case at the place of residence , the patient should phone us and provide the detailed data regarding the symptoms of disease. We will come to a decision and make you an offer for treatment without a.m. extract. During his stay the patient can be accompanied by relatives, friends or his doctor. For children the presence of accompanying person is advisory, for children under 14 years old obligatory. Expenses for accompanying person can be added to the general quotation.

In cases of emergency we also have the possibility to send a plane with a team of doctors on it to transport the patient from the airport which is the nearest to his domicile. We by all means ready to make available special V.I.P. services for well-to-do patients ( heads of enterprises and firms, government and administration officers) upon their request. On the basis of special request of the patients or their accompanying persons we can also organize excursions over  Switzerland, Germany and other European countries. Surely if such tours are allowed from the point of view of health' state of the patient, process and results of treatment.